E-commerce software

freelancing.gr E-commerce software

Freelancing.gr has developed and continuously elaborates e-commerce software having always in mind:

Ease of use

That’s why our e-commerce software always has a CMS* so you can manage your storefront using web-based administration interface without unnecessary complexity.


Extensions to our e-commerce software are available so that you can extend your store’s basic functionality right away or later when success arrives.


We provide our clients with a high-quality custom e-commerce solution extending default functionality to do exactly what you need your software to do.

Bank compatibility – integration

Our e-shop can be integrated with all banks.


More robust and reliable compared to low-end and "open source" e-commerce software with a proven Java shopping cart and checkout.

Guarantee of good operation

When our web applications are sold with our affordable pre-paid hosting we guarantee that they stay up 24/7 and any problem that arises gets solved ASAP.

* Content Management System