Ajax enhancement

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, or AJAX, is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications.

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Freelancing.gr is an expert in Ajax technology using widgets from the biggest contributors globally.

You probably know some of the names below:

Dojo, DHTMLGoodies , Prototype, Mochikit, Scriptaculous, Google, Yahoo and Spry AJAX are used in speeding up load times, increasing the responsiveness of the user interface and generally giving a desktop look and feel to the web application.

But what is more important is that the application does the work it is supposed to do. This means that AJAX widgets make sense only if they have strong integration with back-end servers.

That’s why freelancing.gr uses JMaki to bind all the above with JAVA and PHP.

So freelancing.gr utilizing J2EE and Ajax can deliver the software functionality your business needs served with an excellent look and feel.

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freelancing.gr Ajax enhancement