The QA procedure is getting finished. is dressed

24 February 2009

Dear freelancers, is dressed up! The updating procedure (quality assurance) of its website is getting finished up to the very last detail and we are now ready for business!

Get ready as well, by fixing any possible omissions in your profile and make sure you have ticked the appropriate professional expertise. It is important that you select one main professional activity and main expertise, so that you will be included in the providers’ list in our homepage more precisely and therefore be easily found by our buyers. These changes can be done through the link “Edit user account” in the session banner, right after you login.

Another thing you should take care of is inserting your portfolio or personal website in the field “Do you have a web site?” in your profile, to make it easier for yourselves and the buyers.

So… ready for business?

Best regards,

The outsourcing experts

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