The Freelancing Game

The Freelancing Game

Learn the Game Rules

Who is Supreme?

Providers create a profile contact page at wherefrom a buyer can invite them to place a bid on a project.
All providers should get a link to their contact page (referral link) to use it in their website or e-mail.
Anybody clicking on this link will be transferred to the providers’ contact page at, but they need to be logged to see it. If they are new users they need to be registered first.

Get 1 credit if a buyer registers and 3 more if they post a project after clicking your link

Every registered user gets 5 credits to participate in our game.
Anybody having completed their profile by at least 95% having acquired the simplified contact page at gains <5 credits.
From now on, providers will be displayed in our first page catalogue, according to the credits accumulated by them. This means that as the number of credits is increased, the greater promotion you get!
The providers get 1 credit for every buyer registered by using their referral link. Each project you post and each bid you make, will cost you 1 credit.
If a provider makes a bid and is awarded the project, finally gets 3 credits. When the buyer pays the provider and the provider confirms the payment, the buyer gets 3 credits.

Get credits according to your Rating

After the completion of a project and the confirmation of the payment, the buyers gives a rating to the provider ranging from 0 to 20 credits. For projects divided into milestones the rating is carried out for each milestone ranging from 0 to 10 credits. The provider appraises and gives a rating to the buyer accordingly.

Credit exchange rate

1 credit equals to 1 Euro discount on purchases made through our e-shop. This means that buyers with high scores will get big discounts from our e-shop.
The providers, after they have been awarded a project, may transfer any of their credits to a buyer for the latter to obtain a discount.

How to Business Success

Buyers and providers can get awarded with the Premium title.
The Premium title means professional success and trust by buyers and providers. The buyer or provider having accumulated the most credits in the game has the title of Supreme!


5 credits are deducted in case that the buyer misuses the system by posting projects that he does not intend to develop.

*In case that the buyer does not have enough points to be deducted he/she must purchase the number of points needed in order to be able to participate in the game.