Software development

Hosting & Media streaming offers hosting packages for various types of Web sites and Web applications.
We offer Apache Web server, Tomcat Application Server, connector between them when appropriate as well as MySQL Database Server hosting according to your needs.

Ideal for:

  • Business/corporate Web sites
  • Big Bandwidth Users
  • Large, Busy Database Driven Sites

Our servers are located in the New York data centre, which is one of the best data centres, offering very generous data transfer allowances for most countries in the world. Its location makes it a great option to keep latency low if you target to international visitors/clients or if you are going to need a lot of bandwidth.

Furthermore, especially for domestic Greek sites, we offer local hosting solutions that work perfectly with extra low latency for local visitors. offers sophisticated media streaming services for both sound and video streaming.

Our streaming services are ideal for sound and video live internet broadcasts, e.g. radio stations, concerts, special events or other entertainment activities.

Indicative price for e-radio services supporting up to 1000 simultaneous listeners: 100 € /month.

Web Marketing

We used to say: “

Modern marketing is addressed to specific target groups via web/e-mail and other electronic means. has developed specialised software for companies wishing to use sophisticated marketing based on software. provides web marketing services using its sophisticated software, which is based on the modification of the completed and tested application of ΗΤΜL2 XML 2 UTF-8 2 DATABASE 1.

Further more we do provide:

  • «E-mail marketing» software for targeted marketing, adapted according to the categories of you potential customers
  • Advertising services using search machines (Search Engine Submission), such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.

Streamline your business with the most up-to-date software and services offered by

But things are continuously changing...

Copywriting cooperates closely with a pool of IT professionals, specialised translators and lawyers specialised in translation of legal and EU texts. selects its external collaborators based on strict criteria including their educational and professional background, specialisation and experience, ensuring the provision of high quality translation services from English and French into Greek in the following fields:

  • translation of documents related to Information Technology by specialised professionals in cooperation with professional translators,
  • Software Localization by specialised professionals in cooperation with professional translators,
  • Website Localisation by specialised professionals in cooperation with professional translators,
  • translation of legal and EU documents by lawyers specialised in translation with many years of experience in the above fields.