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Starting an online business

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Only buyers participating in individual and professional membership programs may create teams. enables employers (buyers) to create their own online company consisting of executive professionals (providers), having been distinguished by their skills and previous cooperations on other buyers’ projects. Buyers can always check the names of the providers listed in their team that have placed a bid on a specific project.

Creating a freelancer team

  • 1. Buyers panel
  • 2. Profile > Teams
  • 3. Create a new team & Giving the name of the team
  • 4. Add/Remove providers

Updating a team

  • 1. Profile > Teams (all the teams previously created are shown here)
  • 2. Select a team to update
  • 3. Change team name > Your new team name
  • 4. Add/Remove providers

The Online Company consists of distinguished users that had placed bid or cooperated on a buyer's project and the buyer wishes to cooperate with them, each time a new posted project arises.

The main characteristic of the team is that the buyer may at any time check which members of the team are online; he may also directly communicate with them via personal messages through Buyers panel in Messages menu.

*A provider might not be able to participate in a team. This is because this provider is already a member of a buyer's team and does not have a membership so as to participate in more.

**A provider participating in an individual or professional membership program may participate in more than one team at the same time, thereby increasing his/her work and income.

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