Project posting types

There are three types of project for buyers to post depending on their needs.

Standard – Default (Free): Buyers can post projects in for free (in such case buyers must be registered) and wait for offers from interested providers. After buyers have posted their projects, they can send a bulk e-mail to invite all interested providers to bid on the relevant projects.

When a project is awarded, detailed contact information is visible to both the buyer and the provider. is not responsible for any problems regarding the communication between the buyer and the provider in relation to the project. The only guarantee that can provide for this type of project is the reliability of the providers.

Managed (50 euros): For this type of projects can undertake the project management as well as all responsibilities for a perfect project.

Project management includes the following services:

• Send personal emails to the Providers who are considered of high quality and creditability, to make it easier for the Buyer to pick the most suitable one.
• For every milestone sets the payment date and the amount depending on the size of the project, always in cooperation with the Buyer. Then the Provider should send reports for the completion of each milestone to be approved by the Buyer (and
• The payment for the particular milestone gets completed and the project proceeds to the next one.
• Finally we have the Final Report which gets submitted by the completion of the project.

Business to Business (100 euros): When a company assigns a project concerning types of companies not included in the’s database, undertakes to search and find the specific target groups, i.e. all relevant companies.

Subsequently, two e-mails are sent: a) one inviting the relevant companies to register in's website and b) one containing detailed descriptions of the projects on which they can bid.

This type of procedure enables the buyers to use the default (free) project type, since the providers matching the relevant projects' criteria are now registered.