Frequently asked questions

1. What is is a large scale website which aims to gather the needs of its buyers/clients and match them with the best service provision from our providers. It functions as Enterprise 2.0 and uses its permanent stuff along with qualified freelancers for the development of large website applications on Web 2.0 and e-commerce.

2. How does work?

The buyer posts a summary of the project he wants to be done and starts getting bids from the relevant providers. He chooses the offer which seems to be the most profitable one and contacts the provider, via The details of the co-operation are mutually set and when the project is completed the buyer pays the provider using our safe and fully automated paying system. In this way, communication between buyers and freelancers is being facilitated in order to achieve faster business and more profitable co-operations.

3. I’m working in a private company, can I take part in What about assurance agencies?

Apart from the attribute of legal person (company) or freelance professional, you can participate in as an individual, representing just yourself, regardless if you are an employee in some private company. As far as the assurance agencies are involved, please check this site

4. How can I participate on better terms in

Apart from the basic programme, in which you can participate for free, offers the individual membership and the professional membership programmes. For more information please consult the following table:
Membership programmes

5. Can I take part in the posted projects when I am an employee in some private company?

Of course you can. addresses not only to companies or freelancers, but to all those who are interested in it and have the abilities to offer. We are open to everyone!

6. What can I do as a provider in

When you become a provider in, it gets much easier for you to be informed of new available projects and be sure of making profitable co-operations. You get instantly informed via e-mail for any new job openings by our clients and you can bid for the ones you are most interested in.

7. Three simple steps to make the buyers find you

Create a fully updated and reliable professional profile with accuracy in order to attract buyers and get more co-operations and profits.
Upload assessment files in your profile, such as a brie C.V. or samples of previous works and choose on your own whether they will be visible to other users or not.
Ask clarifying questions to buyers about their posted projects, build a personal communication with them and increase the possibilities of a new co-operation.

8. How can I bid for a project?

By clicking on a project (from the homepage or your panel), you can see all the relevant details, as well as the fields you have to fill if you wish to bid for it. According to the existing field, you will have to submit a brief description of your offer, to evaluate its original cost and to choose if you would like to create a link to your profile. Afterwards you click on “Bid” and your offer is submitted.

9. How can I buy services from

You can go to the link "Our services" in our home page and from the new page that is presented you select " Services catalogue". In this way all the available services appear in your screen. You can add in your shopping cart whatever products you wish to buy, by selecting "Add to cart" or by clicking on each service and then select “Buy it”. When you finish your purchases, you can click on your shopping cart ant its contents appear. The price shown does not include V.A.T. If you are citizen of the European Union, you select the relevant field and the V.A.T gets automatically included to the price. After this step is done, you have only the payment to consider, which can be done with your credit card (in this page appear the credit cards that we accept).

10. After taking over a project, which are my obligations towards the buyer?

When a buyer picks you to fulfill his project, you decide in common the terms of your collaboration. If it is a default project, then your communication with the buyer and the reports for your work’s progress is a matter which can be arranged after a mutual agreement. Of course there is still the final report you will have to submit when you complete the project, but the rest of the contact with the buyer, is up to you to arrange.

11. What changes if the project is managed?

If it is a managed project, then you have to submit reports and complete your work according to a specific way. In a managed project, takes the role of the project’s manager and in common with the buyer they divide the project in smaller parts of completion and they decide the specific dates for report submissions and payments. You will have to complete each part of the project in the right time and submit your reports as scheduled. When the buyer is sure that the work is done in the right way, he deposits your payment for each part of the project through

12. While biding for a posted project, can I preserve my anonymity?

When you bid for a project you can choose either to submit your real name or not. You have the choice to hide your name or use a nickname of your own. Same thing if you are a buyer provider and you want to post a project.

13. Can I see the profile of the buyer whose project I want to bid for? Can he see mine?

If the buyer during the post of his project has not chosen to keep his name hidden, then you can see his profile. In the same way, if you have not chosen to keep your name hidden, then when you bid for the project, your profile is visible to the buyer.

14. Can I ask the buyer any questions before I bid for his project?

Before biding for a project you can ask the buyer a few questions if you want, questions that only the buyer can see, in order to make an even better and more effective bid.

15. What choices do I have about modifying my profile?

Through the provider’s panel you can submit your profile and it will be accessible from the providers’ list in our homepage. To do that you must fill in at least one of the profile fields. Through the session banner in the top of our homepage you can modify your professional data, expertise and profile, as well as upload your own assessment files. You can also choose whether your profile will be visible to other users or not.

16. Can I post my own project given that I’m not a buyer?

If you wish to post a project of your own, you have to use the buyers’ panel. To do that, you have to register as a buyer too. Become a buyer provider and enjoy the benefit of both attributes.

17. What happens in case I have an argument with a buyer?

In case where some disagreement emerges, you can resort at anytime in the Dispute Resolution system of, which maintains the right of taking of suitable measures, after careful view of each case.

18. What is a team in

Only buyers participating in’s individual and professional membership programs may create groups. enables buyers to create their own online company by creating groups consisting of registered members. They may thus cooperate with competent freelancers only for the time period needed without incurring any fixed costs. The group consists of distinguished users, who had already cooperated with the buyer, with whom the buyer wishes to cooperate each time a need for freelancers arises. A provider participating in an individual or professional membership program may participate in more than one group at the same time, thereby increasing his/her work and income.

19. What are the main characteristics of the team?

The main characteristic of the group is that the buyer may at any time check which members of the group are online; he may also directly communicate with them via personal messages in relation to the project concerned.

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