Outsourced Jobs to the largest Freelancers Collaboration Network in Greece

Do you look for workers (buyer)? Do you search for work (provider) on a specific field? Need to have your jobs outsourced? Freelancing.gr is here to associate you with a network of registered businesses and professional experts.

Freelancing.gr is a project ignited in 2005, aiming to create synergies between freelancers from different places/ specialities/ sectors and people or brands seeking for their services. A concept and an idea under seamless development, able to serve a big variety of needs and address a large audience in a market without boundaries and limitations. Our online electronic auction system serves buyers and providers of various services while safeguarding the righteous co-operations between them. In the same time the “Professional Game” we have created makes the assessment procedure enjoyable for our users.

From mid-2016 until today we offer our services for free as we have eliminated any kind of financial transactions. Now the “Professional Game”, defined by a set of game rules, ensures the functional interplay and collaboration of freelancers. The game “players” are making job agreements, like before, while their professionalism is rewarded with extra points by our game point system. The reconsidered professions and discipline categories, will be updated considering the user's feedback, aspiring to cover the biggest part possible of the job market.

The core philosophy of “Professional Game” is to denote the process of professional enascholisis with a pleasant, interactive, communicative and effective activity. The “Professional Game” enhances the improvement of individual achievements, ensures better quality services through mutual evaluations of the game "players" and supports the promotion of buyers and providers.

Freelancing.gr, fulfils the goal of giving back to internet community, since its creation was guided by the practices and principles of open-source software.