Providers guidelines

Getting registered as a provider in, make sure that you have checked all the relevant expertise fields in the registration form and filled in your profile with sufficient professional details about yourselves. Upload the logo of the company you may be working at, or a picture of yourself and provide your real communication data, in order to get notified about any posted projects that are relevant to your expertise. The two links “Edit Expertise” and “Edit Profile” are given so that you can update your profile after your registration, if needed.

It is useful to keep your profile up-to-date, so that buyers assign you more projects.

Bidding on projects:

As you are logged in, you are redirected to the providers’ panel. You can “See posted projects” by clicking on the corresponding link. Bid on projects which are relevant to your expertise. Give a brief scheme of your idea, highlighting the advantages it provides and the price you demand.

While a project is still open, you can ask the buyer anything you would like to know about it, through the page where you can see all the posted projects. You may also get an invitation to an online interview from the buyer to whose project you have placed your bid.

If you wish to attach a brief C.V. or any other assessment files to you profile, you can do it by clicking on “Assessment files” in “Edit User Account” link and upload any personal data you would like our clients to have about you. It is also possible to attach a unique assessment file to each one of your bids, through “Assessment files” as well. The files you upload are considered extremely personal and saved in your own directory inside the database of No one can access these files unless you create a relevant reference while making a bid.

General tips for Providers

  • Show your personal website which can demonstrate your work and its quality.
  • Have your portfolios or any samples of your work available for the buyers to see.
  • Show your activity in any forums, blogs and generally networking.
  • Give your actual information data in your profile and encourage the buyers to communicate with you.
  • While communicating with a buyer, sustain the proper balance between formal and informal style.
  • Ask any former employers to leave a comment about your co-operation and demonstrate all the helpful feedback.
  • If you do not work for any company that suggests you should use its logo as a profile picture, use an actual picture of yourself in your profile, in order to strengthen your presence.
  • Before bidding for any projects, make sure you have completely understood exactly what the buyer is asking for, avoiding in this way the possibility of not completing your task due to poor clarifications.
  • Evaluate the buyer for the collaboration you had and give him the credits you believe he deserves.