Software as a Service

In we use the SaaS (Software as a service) software delivery model, thereby developing the online software application our customer wants, taking care of the hosting and operation, while the customer uses it via internet most easily and with minimal cost. In this way, it is almost like the customers "rent" the application they need, while we guarantee that it satisfies their own needs and reflects their unique business logic.

This "simple" architecture application can afterwards be extended to a wide range of software applications for either business or individual users.

Advantages of SaaS

- Low cost for the initial investment and overall, as it does not require any purchase or installation of equipment.
- No costs for the purchase, installation, maintenance and software upgrade, since they are included in the subscription.
- Does not require payment for license, install or software upgrade.
- Direct delivery and perfect fitting in all new technological improvements, with no additional charges.
- No need to work on any technical operating features, as this responsibility lies with the provider of the service (in this case,
- Ability to access and edit the software from any connection.
- Significantly faster integration of applications, compared to other IT solutions.
- Reduction or even extinction of the need to train staff.
- Easy access to current technology applications.
- Ability to solve all the technological problems of an application.
- Integration of multiple applications and software upgrades.
- Easy to adapt to new strategies and methods.
- Ideal for capital growth of the firm.
- Benefits from economies of scale.