About freelancing.gr

Freelancing.gr is a large scale website which operates in a collaborative network environment, created to provide web design services, e-commerce solutions and Web 2.0 applications using techniques of "rapid" software development in Java, J2EE, Ajax and other technologies. We work as Enterprise 2.0 and specialize in e-commerce applications and Web 2.0 technologies.

In freelancing.gr we use the SaaS (Software as a service) software delivery model, thereby developing the online software application our customer wants, taking care of the hosting and operation, while the customer uses it via internet most easily and with minimal cost. In this way, it is almost like the customers "rent" the application they need, while we guarantee that it satisfies their own needs and reflects their unique business logic.

The IT solutions we provide are the best in the market and are entirely consistent with the latest technological achievements. We do not limit ourselves to the attractive “look” of the web applications, but we care about all the factors, that are essential to success, such as functionality, safety, efficiency and reliability. All our ideas are thoroughly considered and the solutions we suggest guarantee the best answer to any IT problems.