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Freeshop application

FREEshop application is a software ready to be implemented in your web site and connect to your bank account. It is offered as a service, i.e. in a «SaaS» model (Software as a Service), which means that, although the application seems to be part of your web site, it is actually hosted by a server owned by is fully responsible for your e-shop’s absolute security and proper functioning. FREEshop provides you totally management of your e-shop through its simple and functional web interface. It can be fully adapted to your business needs and its demonstration can be configured according to your preferences. Your customers can make their online purchases rapidly and easily.


  • High security using SSL encryption protocol.
  • Absolutely secure user management system.
  • Customers can easily manage (edit-update) their account.
  • Connection with bank of your choice for on-line payments with credit cards.
  • E-shop development in multiple languages.
  •’s Help Desk System provides free technical support for 1 year.
  • Free hosting for 1 year.

Product Catalogue

  • Ability to manage unlimited products and categories.
  • Advanced search for products, categories and manufacturers.


  • Automatic emails with order’s details to the customer.
  • Emails for every order to the administrator.
  • Order status.

Additional functions